Showcasing Technology for the New England

This brave new digital era is empowering start-ups solopreneurs, small business growth and a myriad of business innovations at an unprecedented pace. Industries that were once thought to be immune to automation now stare down the barrel of obsolesces and the choices made by businesses now are likely to dictate their futures for years to come.

The New England Tech Fest aims to address these changes and provide a platform for innovators, vendors, businesses and school children across the region to not only engage with this changing technological landscape but to think creatively about how they can not only exist but thrive in it.

Tech Fest School Innovation Competition

Rural Australia has always been at the forefront of innovation and ideas. To celebrate this New England Tech Fest will be hosting the regions first school innovation competition for school students from year 7 to 12.

Step 1

Come up with your idea! The idea could be for a new App, a better way to conserve water or maybe a design for a new product. The possibilities are endless so think big!

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Step 2

Design and build your idea! This could be in the form of a presentation including a slide show, or the final product if you or your team has the skills to make a working prototype.

Ne tech fest 2

Step 3

Present your idea at the 2017 New England Tech Fest. This will be your opportunity to showcase what you managed to come up with at the Tech Fest, pitch your ideas to our business experts and showcase the benefits of your design!

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$10,000 in prizes to be won!

That’s right! The winners of the competition will have the opportunity of taking away $10,000 in prize money! First place will win $3000 to take home and an extra $2000 for their school. Second place will take home $2000 with $1000 going back to their school and third place will win $1000 with $1000 going back to their school.

Awards night

Gala Dinner Awards

The finalists will have the opportunity to present and pitch their ideas to delegates and representatives from across Australia at which the winners will be announced.

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Innovation Incubator

The three winners of the Tech Fest Schools Innovation Competition will then have the opportunity to access to the UNE’s SMART Region Incubator.


Applications are Open!

Applications are now open. Whether your are a team, or just an individual participant apply to compete and show your ideas to the world!

For Businesses, Consumers, Schools + more.

The New England Tech Fest provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase new technology and products to the New England region.
As part of the 2017 New England Tech Fest, we would like to invite you to attend or commit to have a display at our event.
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Last Year's Theme

One of the crucial issues facing society over the next 20 years or so is the emergence of numerous technologies that are likely to transform radically every aspect of economy, society and polity. Emergent technologies will create winners and losers among the population in general, businesses, institutions, and especially engineer very different outcomes for regions and places. The 2016 New England Tech Fest aimed at meeting businesses, schools and the wider community with experts in the technology field, to expand and educate the wider community both on the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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November 11, 2016

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